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$75.00 flat fee
$50.00 flat fee
$50.00 per hr labor plus parts
$50.00 per hr labor plus parts
$75 per hr labor
Created by Meister Plans, LLC
Meister Plans, LLC
Cracked Screens Whether it be iPhone, iPad, iPod, laptop, or any other flavor of a mobile device or netbook, if you have a cracked screen, we can replace it!
Please visit us for a quote
Please visit us for a quote
Virus removal and TuneUp Bring your desktop or laptop in for a TuneUp! There is one flat fee no matter how long it takes to clean up your pc. Virus, malware, trojan, bloatware removal - free antivirus install - latest security updates and more! Enjoy your computer again! Come in and ask for the flat fee tuneup.
Websites Get your name on the interwebs! (yes, we know that’s not a thing...) Whether you are an organization that is established, a small business just starting out or even an individual with a lot to say, contact us for a quote on your very own website!
Data recovery  Even if your computer won’t start anymore, we can recover that important data you need from the hard drive. Family pictures, work and home documents, movies, etc... If we can’t recover the data, there is no charge. Bring in your computer and let us retrieve those precious files for you!
Sales and parts repair We repair cracked and broken screens, laptop keys and keyboards, and any part of your pc or laptop. If they can’t be fixed, we also sell computers, laptops, LCD screens and just about anything that goes with them! Come in and see us or give us a call and let us get you a quote today!
Wifi install and troubleshooting Do you need a brand new install? Is your current setup outdated or not keeping up with the demand that mobile technology is placing on your system? Would you like to know how to monitor your network and be proactive before the problem gets worse? Call us about wireless! We do home and business installs and troubleshooting. Meister Plans can make sure you have the right equipment, provider solution, and infrastructure to meet your personal and customer expectations.
Custom Reports When out of the box and standard reports don't get you the information you really need, you can contact us for customized reporting. Dig deeper into your data and get past all the unnecessary information. We can help you build reports that allow you to make timely, cost conscious and revenue driving decisions when they mean the most. We specialize in Quickbooks, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting, Excel, Access and more. Delivery of your data can be tailored to your needs and your existing network infrastructure and resources. When you know the data is there, but you're just not sure how to get it in the right format or deliver it efficiently and effectively, give us call!